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Smoking Ban and Nightclubs

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May 31, 2011
Architect Stephen Francis Jones
July 17, 2011

Smoking Ban and Nightclubs

After a long week of work, many people love to go out and have fun in restaurants and nightclubs. The crowds, music, drinking, and fun attract many people out at night. However, one whiff of the strong tobacco scent at a nightclub may send people packing, or it may be completely ignored.

The ban on smoking is a subject that nightclub and bar owners are on the fence about. On one hand, it may bring in revenue from customers who want to relax and light a cigarette. However, there may be others that do not enjoy workers and that may include employees as well as customers. Do the smoking bans have any impact on nightclubs?

We can take an example from other places that currently ban smoking from nightclubs as well as other venues. In France, smoking is banned in all public places except special smoking areas. However, more than half of individuals support the ban of smoking in opinion polls. New York has a smoking ban placed in 2003, and it worked for a while. However, it’s obvious that the smoking ban is ignored in many nightclubs. When one person lights up, it starts the all-familiar wave familiar at public events.

What about the alternatives? There are electronic cigarettes that simulate tobacco smoking without the effect on your health. It was introduced in 2003 and has millions of electronic cigarette smokers today. Most nightclubs and casinos allow smokeless electronic cigarettes.  If you feel like avoiding the situation, possibly playing at an online casino can be a healthy alternative to resist the exposure of smoke all together. The effect of second-hand smoke from electronic cigarettes is negligible, and you’ll please some of the patrons who do not enjoy smoking but love to visit nightclubs. On the other hand, smoking and drinking have become intertwined as one activity, and to take it away with a smoking ban may end up with lost revenue for nightclub owners.

They say that smoking takes seven minutes off your life, so it does become important for nightclub owners and patrons to have an opinion on smoking bans. Should we invest in the protection of our patrons and ban smoking, or is the overall revenue from allowing smoking outweigh the cons? There are currently many smoking bans, and it’s up to nightclub owners and patrons to value the effects of smoking and smoking bans in nightclubs.

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