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Unique Cocktails – Differenciate From Your Competitors

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October 9, 2011
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Unique Cocktails – Differenciate From Your Competitors

In the competitive bar and nightclub industry, it is critical to consistently be able to differentiate yourself from competitors, and provide patrons with a unique experience.   A common, yet powerful way of doing this is by offering unique cocktails, as well as consistently updating the cocktail specials you offer.

Due to the virtually unlimited types of cocktails, many bars and nightclubs place significant effort in demonstrating a specialization in a particular type, or types of cocktails.  The reason unique cocktails are so powerful at increasing the number of people through the door, as well as average spend at you venue is due to the “word-of-mouth” power cocktails have.  People have a tendency to discuss unique cocktails, far more then beers and wines, due to the variety available.  By consistently striving to offer these gives your venue a unique selling proposition that potential patrons can only experience by coming to your venue.

The video below is from Funky Bar (Sydney, Australia) whom have the reputation of delivering some of the most unique cocktails in Sydney’ inner suburbs.

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