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Bar Stools For Nightclubs

How Technology Imapacts Nightclubs
March 27, 2012

Bar Stools For Nightclubs

Good furniture is crucial in determining the success of any nightclub. Bar stools can make or break a place which is why the right choice is essential. While many bar managers sweat over the best DJ or the right lighting system, comfort is an aspect that is all-too-often overlooked. When you think about it, much of the nightclub experience is taken up with indulging in your surroundings and embracing the panoply of textures and sensations. A bar stool simultaneously functions as somewhere to chill with your friends, a perch while you wait for drinks and as a place of respite at the end of the night, when your feet are tired but your mind is still wonderfully wired.


Part of the appeal of the bar stool lies in the fact that it’s so difficult to define. While you can generally count on the fact that they will be tall and sturdy, other attributes vary from model to model, making the process of choosing the right one a challenge – but a welcome one. While comfort is an important factor and a major benefit of bar stools, their intrinsic visual cool blossoms in its own right. Naturally it goes without saying that an upmarket establishment will benefit only from the best. Despite industry innovations, the fundamental appeal of real-leather hasn’t waned a bit. It may not be cheap, but as a hallmark of high-class establishments, it’s worth the investment. Indeed, this glam grain will really enable your club to stand out as well as proving to your patrons that you really do mean business. At once rustic and utterly luxurious, real-leather bar stools are on another level with regard to both class and comfort.


Faux-leather is another excellent choice. A clever pick for those who are starting out, faux-leather is cheaper and easier to maintain than the real thing. Famously stain-resilient, it’s perfectly suited to bustling clubs where its innate durability will minimize the risk of damage caused by spillages. In the same vein, black bar stools are a perfect match for clubs and bars for similar reasons. Able to complement any setting, they project slinky visuals that will add instant elegance to your club, while invariably remaining impervious to strains and stains.


However, the minimalist allure of black won’t suit everyone so for those who like to keep things colourful, the ghostly glow of Acrylic Perspex comes highly recommended. Able to filter colours, it works with LED lighting to produce mesmerising, psychedelic visuals for an altogether transcendent clubbing experience. Similarly, high-gloss bar stools mirror the frosty pull of elongated bars, giving your club a consistent sheen and enabling your punters to really revel in the crisply cool allure of their surroundings.


It is, however, easy to forget how technically adept modern furniture can be. Openly embracing technology, gas lift bar stools will allow your customers to adjust the height to suit them. 360-degree swivel means you can remain mobile even when seated. Projecting cosmopolitan vibes from every seam, bar stools look and feel great – and will leave your patrons feeling the same way!


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