Bar Stools For Nightclubs

Good furniture is crucial in determining the success of any nightclub. Bar stools can make or break a place which is why the right choice is essential. While many bar managers sweat over the best DJ or the right lighting system, comfort is an aspect that is all-too-often overlooked. When you think about it, much of the nightclub experience is taken up with indulging in your surroundings and embracing the panoply of textures and sensations. A bar stool simultaneously functions as somewhere to chill with your friends, a perch while you wait for drinks and as a place of respite at the end of the night, when your feet are tired but your mind is still wonderfully wired.


Part of the appeal of the bar stool lies in the fact that it’s so difficult to define. While you can generally count on the fact that they will be tall and sturdy, other attributes vary from model to model, making the process of choosing the right one a challenge – but a welcome one. While comfort is an important factor and a major benefit of bar stools, their intrinsic visual cool blossoms in its own right. Naturally it goes without saying that an upmarket establishment will benefit only from the best. Despite industry innovations, the fundamental appeal of real-leather hasn’t waned a bit. It may not be cheap, but as a hallmark of high-class establishments, it’s worth the investment. Indeed, this glam grain will really enable your club to stand out as well as proving to your patrons that you really do mean business. At once rustic and utterly luxurious, real-leather bar stools are on another level with regard to both class and comfort.


Faux-leather is another excellent choice. A clever pick for those who are starting out, faux-leather is cheaper and easier to maintain than the real thing. Famously stain-resilient, it’s perfectly suited to bustling clubs where its innate durability will minimize the risk of damage caused by spillages. In the same vein, black bar stools are a perfect match for clubs and bars for similar reasons. Able to complement any setting, they project slinky visuals that will add instant elegance to your club, while invariably remaining impervious to strains and stains.


However, the minimalist allure of black won’t suit everyone so for those who like to keep things colourful, the ghostly glow of Acrylic Perspex comes highly recommended. Able to filter colours, it works with LED lighting to produce mesmerising, psychedelic visuals for an altogether transcendent clubbing experience. Similarly, high-gloss bar stools mirror the frosty pull of elongated bars, giving your club a consistent sheen and enabling your punters to really revel in the crisply cool allure of their surroundings.


It is, however, easy to forget how technically adept modern furniture can be. Openly embracing technology, gas lift bar stools will allow your customers to adjust the height to suit them. 360-degree swivel means you can remain mobile even when seated. Projecting cosmopolitan vibes from every seam, bar stools look and feel great – and will leave your patrons feeling the same way!


How Technology Imapacts Nightclubs

Technology is impacting everything in our lives every day in numerous ways. Most of the time, we do not even realize it because our society has become so accustomed to technology. Technology is constantly evolving and becoming better. Since technology is affecting our everyday lives it should come as no surprise that it impacts bars and nightclubs as well.

There are many types of technology that impact nightclubs in different ways. Some of these forms of technology are apps (or application software) for smartphones, internet websites, social media websites, and point of sale (POS) technologies. I am going to detail what each of these forms of technology can do for the industry and how they have already changed how owners and employees should play the game.

The most obvious technology that is impacting our world is social media. Today, people can check in to places they are at, they can update their status, or even tweet from their phone. Smartphones have allowed social media to grow immensely. People can look up reviews about a business before they even go there. All of these things can be done from a smartphone at any given moment or any given time. This can be achieved through an internet browser or an app that has been downloaded on a smartphone.

So what is an app? An app is computer software designed to help the user perform certain acts. To put it in simple terms, an app can help you do almost anything on your smartphone. There is an app for pretty much anything. With apps, people can rate bars and nightclubs, talk about them with friends, post pictures and so much more. The opportunities are endless. Use this technology to your advantage!

Apps are connected to the internet, but it does not stop there. Not everyone has a smartphone yet so you may be thinking how can this technology affect everyone that you are trying to reach? It can because apps are run through the Internet. Whatever anyone updates through an app is also updated on the internet. Anyone with access to Internet can get the information but sometimes not as quickly. With apps, the information can be found in a matter of moments.

Point of Sale technologies, also called POS, are changing how bars and nightclubs are being run. With this technology, servers and bartenders can immediately ring up anything purchased through a software program and a touch screen. Sales are made faster and it makes everything run more efficiently. If your bar or nightclub does not already have this software you are missing out on money. The software will pay for itself when your sales start increasing just because of this one technology. When things run faster, more products can be sold. That is the bottom line, right?

As you can see, the game is changing every day with new technologies. These technologies can help you or hurt you if you do not stay on top of them and use them to your advantage. Learn about new technologies all the time. The game is constantly changing which means your bar or nightclub will need to do the same to stay competitive.

Delicious Drinks for a Classy Night

We all like to go to the bar once in a while and indulge in some drinks but there is something to be said for the experience of drinking with class. It raises the level of the experience to new heights. To achieve this, there are a few steps to follow.

The first step is to find a good bar, someplace that takes the drink seriously with a sophisticated feel, but the most important point of the night is what you order. It may be fun to have a sugar soaked “martini” with your friends but that’s not the drink we’re targeting tonight. Here are some tasty drinks that will get a nod of approval and a bit of respect from your bartender.

The Gin and Ginger

If you like things spicy and herbal this is for you. It will most commonly be made with dry London gin and ginger ale. But if you have the option I would opt for a nice medium bodied gin and old style ginger beer. This is a simple cocktail that has surprising complexity and drinkability. You aren’t going to find real ginger beer at a rave club dripping in LED lights.

The Whiskey Sour

Another fairly simple cocktail with a lot of history, the whiskey sour is a pretty varied from bar to bar. Some places will just throw together sour mix, some sugar and cheap whiskey. I suggest staying away from bars like that. What’s the point of being the classiest person in a dive? A real whiskey sour should be made with lemon juice, whiskey and a small amount of sugar. This is shaken and served over ice. You can usually request it sweet or dry depending on your tastes. The woody character of the whiskey and the lemon play well together. There is a variation known as the Boston sour that uses a bit of egg white to give a frothy head to the drink. Although egg was common in a lot of cocktails at one point some people will be blown off their bar stools if you suggest it today.

The Daiquiri

This isn’t what man people think of when they see “daiquiri” on a drink list. Along with the margarita, the daiquiri has been made into a joke drink filled with as many artificial flavors as exist on the planet. From apple jacks to pumpkin pie, none of them can hold a candle to their patriarch. I’ve even seen these served in glasses that use LED light bulbs to flash pretty colors in your face as you drink. Like the drink needed to be shamed more. A real daiquiri is a healthy dose of lime juice, some simple syrup and dark rum. Forget about light rum that will add little to nothing to a drink. The dark rum will blend with the lime and show you why this was the drink of naval officers dreaming of island paradise.

These are just a couple drinks that every bartender should be able to make but not every bartender can make well. Not only will you have an air of sophistication and class but you can use these to judge the skills of a bartender. Just remember the number one rule of remaining classy in a bar. Don’t get drunk. At least don’t appear to be.

Unique Cocktails – Differenciate From Your Competitors

In the competitive bar and nightclub industry, it is critical to consistently be able to differentiate yourself from competitors, and provide patrons with a unique experience.   A common, yet powerful way of doing this is by offering unique cocktails, as well as consistently updating the cocktail specials you offer.

Due to the virtually unlimited types of cocktails, many bars and nightclubs place significant effort in demonstrating a specialization in a particular type, or types of cocktails.  The reason unique cocktails are so powerful at increasing the number of people through the door, as well as average spend at you venue is due to the “word-of-mouth” power cocktails have.  People have a tendency to discuss unique cocktails, far more then beers and wines, due to the variety available.  By consistently striving to offer these gives your venue a unique selling proposition that potential patrons can only experience by coming to your venue.

The video below is from Funky Bar (Sydney, Australia) whom have the reputation of delivering some of the most unique cocktails in Sydney’ inner suburbs.

Top 5 Nightclub Mistakes

Location! Location! Location!

It’s an old cliché, but it’s true. For many nightclubs the location will determine success or failure. Opening a nightclub in a place that has failed before is often a big mistake. It’s also important for a nightclub to cater to the demographics of the people in their immediate area. For example, it probably isn’t too wise to open a hip-hop club in an area filled with retired senior citizens.


A major oversight in the nightclub industry is assuming that if you build it they will come. Often nightclub owners spend heavily on decor and leave nothing in their budget for advertising. Successful nightclub owners are masters of marketing and understanding what their customers want. They also understand advertising and are often able to create events that gains them free publicity. Smart nightclub owners make contacts with local radio DJs and newspaper writers with audiences that meet the demographics of their nightclub. They also understand “frontal marketing”, which is how a nightclub looks from the outside, and includes signs, paint and can even include the type and age of vehicles in the parking lot.


Good employees are the backbone of any business in the nightclub industry. On the other hand, bad employees can bring a business down. Employee theft in a nightclub can range from a bartender not ringing up a few drinks a night and putting the money in their tip jar, to having full bottles of liquor stashed in empty boxes and placed in a dumpster, for the employee to grab later.

State and Local Laws

Not knowing and following all state and local laws and regulations can put a nightclub out of business overnight. Serving minors can be a cause for arrest, lawsuits and fines. Even things such as how big or bright your signage is can cause legal hassles. Having a good attorney on retainer is essential for any night club owner.

Over Pouring and Portion Control

Many bartenders feel an urge to over-pour. It is essential to have a system in place that can inventory how much alcohol is poured and can hold the bar help accountable. Simply pouring 1 1/2 ounces per cocktail instead of an ounce results in an increase of 50% in alcohol costs. This is often the difference between making money and losing money in the nightclub industry.