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What Makes A Bar Cool

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January 14, 2011
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January 15, 2011

What Makes A Bar Cool

Everyone has their favorite cool bars, places where memories are made that last a lifetime. There is no common formula for what makes a great bar. They are often born on their own, not made from a plan. What seems to be consistent is the passion for the project is genuine. Bar owners who build their vision will have a gathering place that people will enjoy for its honesty. Whether there is a passion for live music or getting people together for the dance scene, building a place to support that vision will translate to popularity.

One key to the cool bars is simply its physical presence. How the interior and exterior decor and employees represent the establishments goes a long way towards its success. People who love where they work pass on that enthusiasm to patrons. It is much the same with the venue’s appearance. The images, sights, and sounds, all contribute to the experience. As long as they are consistent, the memories are stronger.

The type of bar does not matter as much as its authenticity. Having some sort of entertainment just to fill an evening will not raise a club’s profile. Having live music because the owner loves it and wants to share it will contribute a lot to making cool bars. A proprietor who who loves to DJ will be able to but together a more authentic experience than one who just wants a DJ to attract a specific crowd. The same can be said for a karaoke bar. An owner or manager who is into it will organize it better from the heart than if it is a side attraction.

An authentic experience will bring patrons that really appreciate it, which gives off the appearance of a cool bar. As word spreads from patrons to their friends, the community awareness of the bar will naturally expand. Buzz may be the most important factor in developing cool bars. Once the type of crowd is established, others that want to be part of that crowd will naturally gravitate towards it.

There is no simple formula for creating cool bars. Anybody can put together any style of club the want and all versions can succeed. Whether a corner bar, sports bar, dance club; all can win recognition an build a long term following. As long as there is a passion among the owners, management, and staff, everyone will benefit.

What makes a cool bar

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