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Why Some Clubs Make It and Others Don’t

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January 12, 2011
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January 14, 2011

Why Some Clubs Make It and Others Don’t

Successful clubs all have some things in common, even though they may cater to different types of clientele.

Location, location, location as they say in the real estate trade, is of utmost importance. Successful clubs are located where they are easily accessible and have plenty of parking for their patrons. What type of people do you want coming into your establishment? Is it the business crowd that will stop for a drink after they get off work, that need a quiet place to unwind? Then you will want to be located downtown in a central location. Do you want those who are going to stay for longer periods of time, where they will perhaps listen to music at a piano bar, participate in a karaoke type environment, or just kick back and relax? Then a place in a strip mall or a small neighborhood business location would most likely be best. Perhaps you wish to have a place where there is lots of activity; dancing or pool tables and shuffleboard available for your patrons, then you would want to look for a location that is easily accessible near major thoroughfares to draw large crowds of people . It will be important to determine what type of establishment you want and then design and decorate the interior to match the type of patrons you are wanting to attract. No matter what you choose, having the proper ambiance will be important.

Successful clubs are also open many hours so it will be important to have a qualified crew. The employees that take care of your patrons will determine how successful your establishment is. It will be important to have good bartenders who know how to mix drinks and waitresses and waiters who will be attentive to your patrons needs for refills and be cheerful and courteous to them.

Successful clubs also have drinks that are reasonably priced so that patrons will return often. If your prices are too high or if drinks are not prepared properly, you will not have any clientele to serve. Many successful clubs will have Happy Hour or run specials on certain nights where ladies drinks are half price which will encourage the women to come in and the men will follow!

Advertising your club is also very important, especially when first getting started. Do not skimp on getting the word out that you are open for business. Radio and newspaper advertisements are reasonable and will reach many people. People like to frequent places where there are others enjoying themselves. To give the appearance of being busy, have some of your friends come frequent your establishment, offer free or reduced price drinks and be sure that they park their cars out front in highly visible locations to encourage others to come see what is going on at your club. It should not take long for word to get around and you will be listed among the successful clubs in town.

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